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September 27, 2016

Start Your Own Business Workshop in Springfield on 10/14

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The Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) is offering a 4-hour workshop on how to start your own business and write a business plan. The course will be offered on Friday, October 14th, from 9 am – 1 pm, at the SRDC office at 14 Clinton Street in Springfield, VT.

Starting Your Own Business can be challenging…are you ready to turn your idea into a real business opportunity? This workshop, conducted by experienced business advisors, is designed as a guide for the first-time business owner. Your payment to attend includes a comprehensive start-up workbook, handouts, and resources in marketing, financing, management and operations. Highlights of the workshop include using the “Business Model Canvas” to evaluate whether there is a viable business in your good idea, identifying your target customers and your “unique selling proposition”, consider start-up costs, sales, expenses and financing options.  Learn how to register your business, apply for tax numbers, ways to pitch your idea, develop a business plan plus more.  By the end of this workshop you will be well-informed about the tools and resources available to you and the “Next Steps” involved in launching a successful business.

Space is limited. To register for the workshop sign up online at www.vtsbdc.org (click on the training tab). For registration questions, please email Heather Gonyaw at hgonyaw@vtsbdc.org.  The registration fee is $99.00.  Your payment includes a start-up workbook in hardcopy and pdf format.

Vermont Small Business Development Center is a non-profit partnership of government, education and business, organized to help Vermont small businesses succeed. No-cost, confidential advice is provided to existing business owners and new entrepreneurs throughout the state.  The local VTSBDC office is part of Springfield Regional Development Corporation, 14 Clinton Street in Springfield VT. For more information visit www.vtsbdc.org or contact Debra Boudrieau at (802) 885-2071 or dboudrieau@vtsbdc.org.

August 12, 2016

Konrad Prefab To Begin Manufacturing Operations in Springfield

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Springfield Regional Development Corporation (SRDC) is pleased to announce that Konrad Prefab will be starting manufacturing operations in the Robert S. Jones Industrial Center in Springfield in the next few weeks. Konrad Prefab is a locally-based company specializing in the design and production of display and modular units.

The purpose built units or environments, as they are referred to, will be used by customers for retail stores, trade show marketing, point of purchase displays and signage. Konrad Prefab will utilize new machinery to produce these environments, which require large format printing, fabrication of ACM and panel processing.

Financing for Konrad Prefab is being provided by Mascoma Bank and the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA) with assistance from the Small Business Administration (SBA).  Bob Flint, SRDC Executive Director, said that he appreciated the hard work that went into this project.  He said, “We really want to thank Mascoma, VEDA and SBA, as well as the Town of Springfield, for their support of pulling the pieces together for Konrad Prefab.”

Company President David Jaacks estimates that Konrad Prefab will employ 10-12 people in the next 12 months with hopes for additional growth in the coming years.

June 30, 2016

Workforce Study and Business Climate Survey Completed!

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SRDC recently completed a study of the region’s workforce as well as a business climate survey for Southern Windsor County.  These projects were part of SRDC’s involvement in the East Central Vermont Economic Development District.

The reports incorporate input from 46 area companies, including in-person interviews with several key employers.  Click on the links to read/download:

SRDC Business Climate Survey – 2016

SRDC Workforce Study – 2016

May 10, 2016

Employer Workshop about “Adverse Childhood Experiences” and Impact on Workforce Coming Up May 25th

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The River Valley Workforce Investment Board and Springfield Regional Development Corporation are co-sponsoring an informational workshop on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 from 8 – 9:30 am at the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield. The topic will be Adverse Childhood Experiences and the impact on the  workforce for businesses in the region.

Bill Brown, an Area Manager and Counselor for Health Care & Rehabilitation Services (HCRS) will be presenting the program.  Research has overwhelmingly demonstrated the connection between negative early life experiences and poor long-term outcomes in adulthood. Chronic toxic stress caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, increases the likelihood that an individual will develop any number of a myriad of physical, mental, economic or social maladies later in life.  In addition to the many health consequences, ACEs have a profound impact on workplace performance. The Center for Disease Control estimates that lifelong productivity loss associated with childhood maltreat costs the private sector approximately $83.5 billion.

Though well-established in academic circles, this information is only now beginning to trickle into the general population. This presentation will explore the body of research launched by the initial groundbreaking ACEs study. It will examine the process linking experiences to lifelong changes to health and wellness.  Lastly, there will be a discussion about how early childhood adversity impacts performance in the workplace and strategies employers can use to mitigate these challenges.

The program is free of charge and open to the public.  Please rsvp to Sandy at the SRDC office at 802-885-3061 or sandy@springfielddevelopment.org

April 12, 2016

Public Forum on State’s Economic Future in Chester on 5/13

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Springfield Regional Development Corporation, the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Vermont Futures Project are sponsoring a public discussion about the Vermont economy on Friday, May 13th, from 8 – 10 am at the Newsbank Conference Center on 352 Main Street in Chester. The event is for businesses and residents of Southern Windsor County.

The state’s economy is one of our most crucial and the least understood systems. The Vermont Futures Project was founded to conduct research and provide knowledge about the Vermont economy aimed at enhancing and sustaining a robust and growing economy. The Futures Project believes that Vermonters need a shared vision about the economy we want—one that is as strong as the vision we share for our environment.

To help build this vision, the Vermont Futures Project is holding a series of discussions around the state.  The Chester event will build off the economic indicators in the Vermont Futures Project website, focusing in three broad areas: economic performance, workforce, and quality of place. The unique Vermont challenge is balancing the commitment to environmental responsibility, fairness to residents, and growth of opportunity.

The Vermont Futures Project, created by the Vermont Chamber Foundation, has already published a website of economic indicators at www.vtfuturesproject.org based on research funded by the Foundation and performed by the UMass Center for Economic Development. The indicators provide a profile of the economy, which the Foundation is committed to update annually for at least the next ten years.

The Foundation believes that achieving a shared vision, developing strategies, and accomplishing change in our economic future will take a decade or more—as the challenges facing the state in workforce, demographics, productivity, industrial mix, and infrastructure will take time to address. The indicators and vision are the first two portions of a three-phase project. The third area concerns economic development learning, strategy and policy development, and continual attention to the shared economy of Vermont.

This event is sponsored by Springfield Regional Development Corporation, the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce and will be facilitated by Jeffrey Lewis and Jennifer Stromsten, of the Vermont Future Project.  While attendance is free, for planning purposes, please rsvp at the SRDC office by calling 802-885-3061 or emailing bobf@springfielddevelopment.org

March 24, 2016

Former Bryants Building Update – 3/24/16

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Folks are starting to see some activity at the former Bryant Grinder building, which is owned by SRDC. We have several moving parts, which are starting to come together!

ENVIRONMENTAL – SRDC received a $200,000 EPA cleanup grant last year for this property. A partial draft Corrective Action Plan, focusing on the ends of the property, has been completed and we have bid out the first phase of asbestos abatement, which will take place in the south end of the existing building (the end towards the interstate).  Dec-Tam, a firm from Massachusetts, is expected to start work during the week of April 11th.  Some of the activity that has been going on involves arranging for temporary power for that end of the structure, to allow for this (the asbestos) work to proceed.  The building was a shell, stripped of its wiring/infrastructure, when SRDC acquired it, so we’re having to put the pieces back together, for the spaces we’re going to retain. We also, recently, removed a large amount of hazardous wastes that had been left as well as performing other cleaning out of the south end area.

ROOFING – The areas we’re focusing on, to date (the north end, by the Police Station, which is currently rented by Imerys, for storage) and the south end, are the portions of the building in the best condition.  As the locals will remember, those were the most recent additions and have held up the best in the years since the building was last heated. The Melanson Company has started doing repairs to the roof in the south end, to synchronize with the asbestos work that Dec-Tam is undertaking.

OTHER WORK – SOUTH END – We anticipate doing additional construction/demolition work this summer in the south end, to stabilize this area as well as preparing it for future use. There are roof breaches nearby and we need to move quickly to avoid any damage to the “good” parts of the building and separate it from the rest.

THE REST OF THE BUILDING – We are focusing on putting the ends of the building back together first, because they are in the best condition and have relatively minor environmental issues. A complicating factor, particularly parts of the rest of the building, is the disconnection of the roof drains from the Town’s stormwater system – something the State ordered to the Town to do prior to our acquiring the property, to allow the the community to renew its Downtown Designation.  This has done a significant amount of structural damage to a large portion of the middle parts of the building. There are also more involved contamination concerns as well, which we are still working to assess.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION – SRDC has also retained a historic preservation consultant and has submitted a broader proposal to the VT Division of Historic Preservation that addresses the long-term plans for the property, which would result in removing roughly half of the current facility, resulting in 3 separate buildings.  That proposal is currently under review.

SUMMARY – Our expectation is that SRDC will be investing around $500K into the Bryants building between now and Labor Day, mostly in the south end of the current structure. The intent is to have this area (which is app. 35K sf) available to market for redevelopment/reuse. We are in early conversations with some potential prospects and expect more to emerge as the space gets closer to being usable.

If anyone has any questions I can answer, feel free to email me at bobf@springfielddevelopment.org or call 802-885-3061.

January 6, 2016

SRDC Sponsoring Employee Ownership Seminar in Windsor on 1/29/16

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The Vermont Employee Ownership Center (VEOC) is offering two free seminars in January. The first is aimed at business owners and key managers, and will focus on Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) as a way to transition some or all ownership of a business.  The second is a technical intro to employee ownership for business advisors that will give attendees the tools necessary to advise their clients about employee ownership as an option for their business succession plan.  Lead presenters for both seminars will be Tabitha Croscut, a nationally-known ESOP attorney who is Managing Shareholder at Steiker, Greenapple & Croscut, P.C., and Chuck Coyne of Empire Valuation Consultants, a business valuator with over 25 years of professional experience providing financial consulting, business appraisals, ESOP feasibility and transaction consulting.

While attendance is free, advance registration is required.

The ESOP seminar for business owners and key managers will be offered in Windsor on Friday, January 29 from 10 AM to noon at the Windsor location of Harpoon Brewery (registration & details here).

Please note that ESOPs are generally only feasible in companies with at least 20 employees and an enterprise value of at least $2.5 million.  In the near future, the VEOC will be presenting a seminar on an alternative for smaller companies: selling to employees using the worker cooperative structure.  For more information: info@veoc.org

The seminar for business advisors will also be offered twice: in Burlington on Thursday, January 28 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the administrative offices of Gardener’s Supply Company (registration & details here), and in White River Junction on January 29 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM in the offices of Resource Systems Group (registration & details here).

Seminar co-sponsors are the Vermont Small Business Development Center, the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center and the Regional Development Corporations of Vermont (of which SRDC is a member), with funding provided by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development.

December 22, 2015

Start Your Own Business Workshop Coming Up on 1/8 in Springfield!

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Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) is offering a four-hour workshop on how to start your own business and write a business plan. The course will be offered on Friday, January 8th from 9 am – 1 pm at the Springfield Regional Development Corporation, 14 Clinton Square, in the 1st floor conference room.

Starting Your Own Business is conducted by experienced business advisors and designed as a step-by-step guide for starting a business in Vermont for the first-time business owner:

  • Evaluate whether there is a viable business in your good idea
  • Identify your target customers and explore how to conduct market research
  • Learn how to register your company, apply for tax numbers and protect your brand
  • Prepare to write an effective business plan
  • Find out about financing options and learn what a credible loan package looks like
  • Receive access to the online workshops to increase your knowledge in money, marketing and management (at your convenience) valued at over $150.00

By the end of this workshop you will be well-informed about the resources available to you and the steps involved in launching a successful business.

Space is limited. To register for the workshop sign up online at www.vtsbdc.org (click on the training tab). For registration questions, please email Heather Gonyaw at hgonyaw@vtsbdc.org.  The registration fee is $99.00.  Your payment includes a start-up workbook in hardcopy and pdf format.

Vermont Small Business Development Center is a non-profit partnership of government, education and business, organized to help Vermont small businesses succeed. No-cost, confidential advice is provided to existing business owners and new entrepreneurs throughout the state.  The local office is part of Springfield Regional Development Corporation on Clinton Street in Springfield Vermont. For more information visit www.vtsbdc.org or contact Debra Boudrieau at (802) 885-2071 or dboudrieau@vtsbdc.org.

December 21, 2015

SRDC Receives VEDA Financing for New Facility for Blake Hill Preserves in Windsor

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Springfield Regional Development Corporation has announced that it has received financing of $877,504 from the Vermont Economic Development Authority to construct a 6,000 square-foot building in Windsor’s Artisans Park.  The new facility will be the home of Blake Hill Farm Products, Inc. as the production facility for Blake Hill Preserves’ marmalades, conserves, preserves and chutneys. There also will be a small retail store in the completed space.

Blake Hill Preserves was formed in 2009 by Vicky Allard and Joe Hanglin and has operated in Grafton Vermont since that time.  The company produces a variety of products utilizing sustainably grown fruits and vegetables with no artificial ingredients. Blake Hill’s jars can be found in stores through the United States and, most recently, are now also available in Canada. The new facility will provide significant production capacity, to allow the company to continue its rapid growth.

Vicky Allard, of Blake Hill Preserves, said that this new building would help the company continue to evolve. “The new facility will enable us to continue to expand production to meet customer demand, and our new retail store will provide visitors to Artisans Park with the opportunity to enjoy Blake Hill’s entire range of products, sample new varieties including seasonal fresh batch, farm-to-jar, preserves, and provide hard-to-find specialty preserve making equipment for the homemade jam maker”, Allard said.  She added that, within three years, the company expects to increase employment to 12 positions.

SRDC Executive Director Bob Flint said that Blake Hill was a natural addition to Artisans Park.  “It has been exciting to see the business and visitor growth in the Park and Blake Hill will certainly add to this.” Flint said. This will be the 2nd building that SRDC has built in the Park in recent years. The Vermont Farmstead Cheese facility is also owned by SRDC, through financing provided by VEDA.   Flint said that the partnership between SRDC, VEDA and Great Bear Realty is what has allowed these projects to move forward.

Ground has been broken on the construction project and the intent is that the facility will be in operation by early summer.

December 14, 2015

Businesses Create Jobs

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(the following is a column from SRDC Executive Director Bob Flint, from the Winter 2015-2016 SRDC Newsletter)

The headline seems obvious, but as we head into the next Legislative Session (in the midst of a Presidential campaign, with a Gubernatorial one also revving up here in Vermont), it’s worth spending a few minutes explaining.

Recently, I’ve had two different projects that involved projecting the economic impact of various activities.  To keep it simple, these would be things that would hopefully strengthen the business environment and provide support for the retention and attraction of the workforce. It’s all worthwhile and, if all of these occurred, the region would be a better place.

The tricky part comes when one is trying to demonstrate that any of this would directly lead to job creation.  It’s reminder that I/we continually need to remind people of a simple premise – “we” don’t create any jobs; businesses create jobs.

Hopefully, “we” (SRDC, state economic development, whomever) are doing things to assist companies on a variety of levels to help them be in a position to retain and add jobs.  But, it’s critical to remember that “we” are in service to the business.  That gets lost sometimes, unfortunately.

Sometimes, no matter what we try to do, there’s nothing we can do to help, which is incredibly frustrating.  The situation with Seldon Technologies in Windsor this past year is a classic example of that.

But, thankfully, there are far more situations where we have hopefully helped a company out in their efforts to move forward and grow. As 2015 ends, there are some very promising prospects for business growth and we look forward to being of service on those projects.

The Legislative session, and political campaigns, represents an opportunity to share your story, whether it’s good or bad, and talk about the challenges and constraints your business faces.  And, yes, it’s always important to remind people that they don’t create jobs, businesses do.

From all of us at SRDC, – the very Happiest of Holidays to you and your families.  Thank you for another great year and we are very excited about what 2016 will bring!

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