9/17/21 – Here is the video of our briefing to the Springfield Selectboard on the J & L demo/cleanup project from their meeting this week (9/13/21).

9/16/21 – Audio of today’s Brownfield announcement at J & L Plant (courtesy of WCFR) –

9/16/21 – Here’s the press release from the Governor’s press event in Springfield today – https://www.springfielddevelopment.org/gov-scott-state-local-officials-highlight-25-million-in-new-state-funding-for-remediating-redeveloping-brownfield-sites/

9/13/21 – Due to delays in the execution of grant agreements and contracts, work will not begin this week. At this point, site work hopefully will start the week of 9/20, with building demolition activity starting in earnest in October (likely towards the middle of the month).

– Governor Scott will be at the site for a press event this Thursday (9/16) at 11 am

– We will be briefing the Selectboard at this evening’s meeting on the demo project.

8/31/21 – Some notes, as the demo project draws closer to getting underway.  We will be providing an update/overview to the Selectboard at their 9/13 meeting.

– The building is currently condemned and presents an acute risk to those entering it as well as the potential for contamination to be spread by wind, etc. Our work over the next few months will be focused on removing these risks and stabilizing the site for future redevelopment.

– We are hoping that demolition activities will begin the week of 9/13 and will last to the end of December.

    1. Timing on the work is subject to contracting and the weather as the work cannot proceed with freezing daytime temperatures.

– The work will be conducted in strict accordance with demolition specifications, an abatement work plan, and approved corrective action plan.

– As many as 20 trucks a day will be loaded for disposal; most of the waste will landfilled.

    1. Steel and clean masonry (walls) will be recycled.

– 12-16 people will be on site at any one time. Work is expected to be M-F, 7 to 5, although Fridays will be an early stop at 3:00.

    1. If the schedule starts to lag, there’s a chance of work occurring on Saturdays.

8/30/21 – Preparatory work for permits and notifications is underway and preliminary site work is expected to being in the next week.

7/30/21 – DEC posted the following RFP this week – https://www.vermontbusinessregistry.com/BidPreview.aspx?BidID=55623   – once a subcontractor has been selected, they will execute an agreement with the demolition contractor (our project team has made a recommendation) and the process will start, leading to actual on-site demolition/remediation this fall.

6/10/21 – Bids have been submitted for the demolition/remediation work and the project team is currently reviewing these proposals.