SRDC is moving forward with long-awaited renovations to the former Park Street School in Springfield, home of the Black River Innovation Campus

We have been fortunate to receive several state and federal grants to help move this important project along. gBA Architects have been retained to assist us in bid preparation for this first phase of the project, which will include code improvements in the building (e.g. sprinklers, new elevator) as well as related interior remediation (asbestos removal) and exterior site work/cleanup.

Inside, out of necessity, we’ve had to start work in the gymnasium ahead of schedule. There was significant damage this past summer to the gym floor (and some other nearby areas) due to what appears to have been a faulty interior water pipe. Thankfully, the issue has been identified and resolved and work is near completion on a new maple floor for the historic Park Street gym

Some outside work has also begun. Outside, the lower lot (which the locals would remember as the Marsh property) has seen the removal of an old oil tank that was buried in the bank. The remaining structures will be demolished/removed in the coming months.

At this point, we are hoping to have the first bid package released in the next month, with several others to follow in the coming weeks for this first phase of the overall redevelopment project.