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This page is intended to provide answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the J & L demolition/redevelopment project. We will continue to update this over time, as necessary. If you have any specific questions, please email

WHY IS THE FORMER J & L PLANT 1 BUILDING BEING TORN DOWN?/IS THERE CONTAMINATION ON THE PROPERTY? – Here is a very good primer on the project, with SRDC’s Bob Flint, Daniel Voisin/Stone Environmental and Jamie Duggan from the VT Division of Historic Preservation, from a presentation this past summer at the Vermont Environmental Consortium’s annual conference:

WHEN WILL THE DEMO/REMEDIATION PROJECT BE COMPLETED? – As of this writing (11/10/21), it appears that most of the main building demo will be completed before winter.  Hopefully, the debris piles will also all be removed by that time, but it will depend on the exact timing of colder weather.  The project will then go on hiatus over the winter. When spring comes, any remaining removal work will be completed, then it will be time to address the remaining slab.  There will be assessment conducted to determine/confirm contaminants under the slab, then decisions will be made about how much can/should be removed. It is SRDC’s hope to remove all of the current slab, if possible. This next step, as well as other site remediation work, will likely occupy much of 2022 on the site.

IS A PORTION OF THE BUILDING GOING TO BE SAVED? – We will be saving the north end of the building (the former front office area), which is roughly 18,000 square feet. The south end of the building (which locals remember was the last addition in the 1970’s) will remain. It is now the home of LBL Fabrications (formerly NBC Solid Surfaces/Artisan Surfaces) and that portion of the building is actually a separate parcel.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO PUT IN THE PART OF THE BUILDING THAT’S GOING TO BE SAVED (the North End)? – It is our intent to convert that area (the north end) into professional office space, for SRDC and other future tenants, as well as work with other partners to have a museum to honor the legacy of J & L and the machine tool industry in Springfield.  We have been saving archival materials  and artifacts from the property for several years in anticipation of this opportunity. Again, the south end will remain the location for LBL Fabrications.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BUILD ON THE LAND AFTER THE BUILDING IS GONE? – It is the intent of SRDC to promote new construction on the suddenly open lot, for commercial/light industrial purposes. In 2009, SRDC worked with the Dep’t of Economic Development and Legislature to pass language about the J & L site and incentives for new development.  At this point, in January, 2022, SRDC expects to ask the Springfield Selectboard to formally request that “Opportunity Zone” designation be activated, which will start a 7-year clock for incentives for new businesses that locate on that site (above and beyond other state programs). We will then begin actively marketing the property (which is also located in a Federal Opportunity Zone, as is the entire town of Springfield).

WHAT IS NOT GOING TO GO ON THE SITE? – This list will grow, but here are some rumors that are not accurate.  The following will not be on the J & L site:

  • Day Care
  • Solar Field
  • Dog Park
  • Housing
  • A big field
  • Self-storage units

WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG? – Well…….let’s just say it is a very complicated site (the presentation above makes that clear) and there were a number of processes to work through with various agencies, coupled with litigation involving a nearby property.  SRDC is grateful to Gov. Scott and the Legislature for this remarkable funding opportunity that is making this project possible as well as the ongoing strong partnership with the Mt. Ascutney Regional Commission, the Town of Springfield, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, the Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development and the EPA.  A lot of folks have worked hard to help us through this journey.

WHERE IS THE DEMO MATERIAL GOING? – Most of the contaminated building material is going to a landfill in Ontario County, NY, with a small portion ending up in Wayne, MI. The clean steel is going to Albany and other clean debris is being trucked to Enfield, CT (and the project is being credited for any value that retains).

WILL THE TOONERVILLE TRAIL GO BEHIND THE BUILDING? – SRDC has been working with the Town of Springfield and the Mt. Ascutney Regional Commission for several years on the proposed expansion of the Toonerville Trail bike/pedestrian path to run northward past the Jones Center, LBL Fabrications and ending at the former J & L property on Bridge Street.  The specific path through the J & L property is included in the approved Corrective Action Plan for the site.  The Town will be holding a public hearing later in 11/21 on the proposed expansion, which is the start of a process leading to eventual construction in the next few years. We had hoped to have the bike path work coincide with the current building demolition, but the timing didn’t work out.

WHO OWNS THIS PROPERTY?/DO THEY PAY TAXES? – SRDC purchased the former J & L Plant 1 site after the bankruptcy of Goldman Industrial Group in 2002. We have continued to pay property taxes since that time.

WILL THE EDGAR MAY HEALTH & RECREATION CENTER LOSE THEIR PARKING? – It is SRDC’s intent to maintain the current lot in the north end as shared parking for EMHRC and the future users of the remaining north end portion of the building.