Springfield Regional Development Corporation announced today that they have received two grants to support a pair of economic development projects in the region. The awards were part of the Regional Economic Development Grant Program, administered by the Department of Buildings and General Services. The goal of the program is promote stimulation or retention economic opportunities in the state.

The grants that SRDC received will support two business projects in the region. The first is to assist with purchasing equipment for the expansion of the Springfield Food Co-op to downtown Springfield. The other grant will help Blake Hill Preserves in Windsor to expand their production capacity.

SRDC Executive Director Bob Flint said that the grants would be an important part of projects for job creation and retention. “We appreciate the support from the state for these projects. These are two important regional businesses that are continuing to grow, even during these uncertain times”, Flint said.

SRDC serves the ten towns in Southern Windsor County. To learn more about Springfield Regional Development Corporation and how it can help existing companies as well as those looking to start a business, call 802-885-3061 or email bobf@springfielddevelopment.org.