The Regional Development Corporations (RDC’s) of Vermont, in partnership with the Vermont Department of Labor, are hosting 12 Regional Workforce Summits this fall and early winter around the state. These summits are intended to build upon existing collaborations and will provide actionable solutions for employers as well as better awareness and partnerships among regional and statewide service providers.

Springfield Regional Development Corporation (SRDC) is sponsoring the Windsor Region/Southern Windsor County Workforce Summit on Wednesday, November 20th at the River Valley Technical Center in Springfield. This event will bring the county’s regional workforce system closer to strong solutions and smoother operation. Employers, the beneficiaries of a good workforce system, and the wide range of providers and trainers who locate, motivate and prepare workers to be successful, will participate.

The State of Vermont recognizes that a robust, well-trained, workforce large enough to supply the increasing needs of employers in our strong economy is critical to the state’s ability to meet its obligations and provide a desirable quality of life for all Vermonters.

Output from this event will be used in the region to make the existing systems strong as well as by the State Workforce Development Board as it prepares its 2020 Workforce Strategy.

For more information, please contact SRDC at 802-885-3061 or