SRDC can help you with that! Our Small Business Development Center offers regular Start Your Own Business classes ( ) for those that have never had a business. They also offer free, and confidential, counseling to assist those creating a company or already in business. We also offer financial assistance in partnership with our regional banks, VEDA, SBA as well as town/regional revolving loan funds, including our own Springfield Regional RLF.

Our Site Locator shows available commercial properties for lease or sale in our region, as well as a link to properties available throughout Vermont. We work closely with property owners to help facilitate finding something that is appropriate for your needs and consistent with the use of a particular site.

We are here to help work through the maze of bureaucracy and help you find out the answers you need. We work closely with our regional partners, Federal and state agencies as well as maintaining strong relationships with legislative and congressional staffs. We will do our best to resolve your concern, answer your question and help your project stay on track!

Our Financing & Incentives page provides an overview of many of the resources available for business growth here in Vermont. SRDC will work with you to determine which programs make sense for your project and will facilitate your applications and help case manage assembling the package to help your business!

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