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Top Ten Reasons to Live & Work in Southern Windsor County

1. The "AHHH" Factor. Live and work in an area where the air is clean and the grass is green. Where kids can play in open spaces. You can take your lunch break by a cascading waterfall or while enjoying an outdoor concert in the park. Conduct a business meeting by the fireplace in a ski lodge. Imagine living in a place that most people consider a vacation destination. Where you can relax and just say "ahhh" even when you're on the job.

2. Find A Home For Less. No matter what type of residence you choose, you'll find it's more affordable than you expected here in Southern Windsor County. From a Victorian home along Main Street to a mountainside retreat to a farmhouse in the countryside, our neighborhoods and communities present a broad range of housing opportunities. Whether rental or purchase, your money will go a lot farther in this market.

3. We're Connected. Getting away from it all doesn't have to deprive you of the comforts you count on. Cable television, high speed internet, and 24- hour service like grocery stores and banking are readily available. You can just as easily telecommute from here as in any other region. Plus, plenty of shopping is close by, so you never have to travel far to get what you want.

4. It's A Smart Choice. If school is on your list of priorities, we've got you covered. The Howard Dean Education Center in Springfield, for example, is a collaboration of educational institutions that includes the Vermont State College System, Community College of Vermont, University of Vermont Continuing Education Service, Vermont Technical College, and River Valley Technical Center. For more creative endeavors, the Fletcher Farm School for Arts & Crafts in Ludlow is unequaled for its variety of exceptional programs presented by talented artisans and master craftsmen. In the public schools, your children will enjoy smaller classrooms and more personalized attention. The student/teacher ratio remains low so that quality of education can live up to our high standards.

5. We Care About Health. The availability of affordable quality health care is always a consideration when you're looking to make a move. Southern Windsor County is home to the acclaimed Springfield Hospital and Mt. Ascutney Hospital; plus, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center is just a short drive. You'll also find a full spectrum of medical and wellness practitioners, including alternative medicines, to attend to every health concern. In addition , our network of human services agencies addresses every concern and reaches out to every corner of the country.

6. The Great Outdoors Doesn't Get Any Greater Than This. If you enjoy outdoor recreation of any kind, Southern Windsor County will feel like a great, big playground! With an abundance of mountains, rivers, lakes, and streams, you can participate in any sport you choose.  Okemo Mountain, will be practically in your back yard. Golf courses, fitness centers, cycling clubs, and wilderness trails are just as easy to get to. You can even take flying lessons at the Hartness State Airport in Springfield. With so many options for leisure activities, "all work and no play" is an impossibility.

7. We Can Be Very Entertaining. Some of the most popular events in Vermont take place right here. From festivals and fairs to Broadway-quality productions and concerts. There's always something worth doing and seeing. Besides the sporting events and competitions at Ascutney and Okemo, you can see a production at the Weston Playhouse, Vermont's oldest professional theatre company, or a performance by the Springfield Community Players. Experience one of our many festivals that celebrate everything from music to crafts to food.

8. Vermont History Starts Here. This beautiful state traces its roots to our special area. Here, the first state constitution was adopted. Historic Revolutionary War battles were fought here. The region has maintained countless historic treasures, including covered bridges, the state's oldest one room schoolhouse, and the homestead of President Calvin Coolidge. Independence isn't just an annual rite around here. It underscores the proud heritage that continues everyday.

9. We're Always Cooking Up Something Special. We've all got our favorite restaurants. When you move to this area, you're certain to find a new one to top your list. No matter what you're craving, our chefs and country cooks will satisfy your appetite. A corner bistro, gourmet restaurant, old-fashioned diner, the local breakfast place, and the church supper are always on the menu around here. When you live in a state known for its dairy and agricultural products, except the finest from our kitchens.

10. The Driving Is Easy. Throughout the area, you can get from here to there without traffic hassles. An interconnected network of major thoroughfares are well maintained so you can find shortcuts when you want- or take those long winding roads to somewhere when time is not as important.